Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Lab

this past week in lab we worked with kids and the parachute. i was unable to work with the younger kids on it but from what i heard they absolutely loved it. this is an old game but is still a hit every year with kids. they all love it because there are so many different variations. the kids i got to work with enjoyed the games we had prepared for them. i had a game that i thought of that got everyone involved. they had to keep a balloon up in the air with out using feet or hands and at the same time they had to travel across the gym with out it touching the floor. this worked on the kids hand eye coordination and their concentration skills.

 this past year working with the kids at St. Mary's has been an amazing experience. the kids really were energetic and excited to play our games we had for them and that helped us out because it went fairly easy most weeks. it gave us the basic concept and helped introduce us to teaching kids. i now have a better understanding on how to deal with children and how to present myself as a teacher and what to do around the kids.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lab 5

this past week in lab at St. Mary's we observed the children doing two skills, the stationary bounce and the kick. the children we observed did pretty well overall. The young boy did exceptionally well on all the skills and the little girl, Melissa, did alright on the skills. click here to view the grading sheet for this lab. these skills along with the rest we have been assessing the kids on are very important in their development because in any type of physical activity we are performing a certain task. if we can not teach our students the correct and proper way to do these skills then they will not be able to perform to their top ability. it is important that the kids are assessed in every skill not only in lab but even in their actually phys. ed. classes. that way the teacher can get an idea of where their class is at skill wise and work on it form there. this will allow for a more fluent and smooth class room setting.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


this week in lab we actually got a chance to demonstrate out games in front of the entire class. at first i was slightly nervous about this but i gathered myself and just went with it. the game i had the children do was a game that involved the aspect of throwing and catching. the kids had to run to different spots in the gym and look under the cones for their teams color. the kids then had to run back to a line and throw the object that was under the cone, back to their team (if it was their color). this gave the kid a chance to use different skills while also working on their memory. the kids really seemed to enjoy this game and loved the "competition: aspect of it. we had them go two times to see who will win. each team ended up wining and that is how it should be. that way no team felt like they were a loser. we had to observe the children on their ability to catch and throw a ball. to see the template click here

Friday, March 25, 2011

lab 3 template

In Lab this week we observed two kids in more locomotor skills. The kids did okay on most of the concepts they needed to understand. But in other cases they struggled completely and did not understand the concept of what we were trying to see. you can view the template that we filled out here.  i really enjoyed working with the kids this week. they seemed to enjoy my game and were into the competition of it for being only in the pre-k. they all were excited and running around and energetic. it felt good to see that they were excited about the game i presented to them.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

lab two observations

this week and next week we are observing the students in various skills. this week we observed them in running, galloping, and hoping. click here to view the skill assessment.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

lab #2

Yesterday at lab it was cartoon day! It was pretty fun all the kids loved everyone who dressed up. i went as patrick star form spongebob and the kids really liked it. it was pretty fun working with a different age group this week. it gave me a new perspective on how different the kids can be with only a few years apart from them.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

lab with pre k

i had so much fun with the kids in the Pre-K rooms!. in one of them i was able to make my craft with the kids. they were called stick sticklys. here the kids made little figures out of wooden tongue pressers. the kids absolutely loved them and the teacher did as well. it was a great first experience and i can tell im going to have a lot of fun with all the kids. I am very excited to get going in this class!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 1 summary

Chapter one describes the fundamentals of skill development in our profession and the health of our students greatly. it talks about how the health of our students is very important because of the dramatic increase in obesity among children as young as elementary students. it is very important for kids that young to get involved in all around activity. you shouldn't just roll a ball out for them and let them play. get everyone active and involved. at that young age it is important for not only the students but for us as professionals too. it is up to us to get these kids involved often and early so they have a great foundation instilled in them before they start their schooling in middle and high school.