Sunday, April 10, 2011


this week in lab we actually got a chance to demonstrate out games in front of the entire class. at first i was slightly nervous about this but i gathered myself and just went with it. the game i had the children do was a game that involved the aspect of throwing and catching. the kids had to run to different spots in the gym and look under the cones for their teams color. the kids then had to run back to a line and throw the object that was under the cone, back to their team (if it was their color). this gave the kid a chance to use different skills while also working on their memory. the kids really seemed to enjoy this game and loved the "competition: aspect of it. we had them go two times to see who will win. each team ended up wining and that is how it should be. that way no team felt like they were a loser. we had to observe the children on their ability to catch and throw a ball. to see the template click here

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