Monday, May 2, 2011

Lab 5

this past week in lab at St. Mary's we observed the children doing two skills, the stationary bounce and the kick. the children we observed did pretty well overall. The young boy did exceptionally well on all the skills and the little girl, Melissa, did alright on the skills. click here to view the grading sheet for this lab. these skills along with the rest we have been assessing the kids on are very important in their development because in any type of physical activity we are performing a certain task. if we can not teach our students the correct and proper way to do these skills then they will not be able to perform to their top ability. it is important that the kids are assessed in every skill not only in lab but even in their actually phys. ed. classes. that way the teacher can get an idea of where their class is at skill wise and work on it form there. this will allow for a more fluent and smooth class room setting.

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